The complete guide – SEO for real estate agents and websites

SEO, have you heard about it? Have you ever heard about the power of SEO industry in today’s world.

If not, don’t worry. As this article is purposely written to make you aware about this fastest growing industry of modern e-world. Yes, i’m talking about the SEO industry.

So many times it happens when you works your butt off to create high quality content that even including great infographics but when it comes to leads, potential customer and traffic, you stands nowhere.

And why the hell is it so?

Well, the reason is pretty simple.

According to pareto principal 80% of your results comes from the 20% of your channelise efforts.

And when it comes to online marketing and leads generation these 20% channelise efforts comes under SEO of your website.

Hello everyone i’m Naveen goyal and today i will show you the power of SEO industry.

But first to understand this entire world of SEO, let me explain you, what actually SEO means?

SEO is nothing but the principals you should follow while making your content and after publishing your content, to rank your content up in search results for some certain keywords.

And to understand all these insanely actionable SEO principal.

Let’s break it down into it’s main components then i’ll give my best to brief all of them into this article.

Main components of SEO are

1. Choosing a perfect domain

2. On page SEO ( that includes keyword research too)

3. Off page SEO ( that includes link building, social media marketing)

4. User experience factors

5.Technical SEO, which only top marketers do, and you don’t do 😡

So let’s begin unboxing all these main components

Choosing a perfect domain

Surprisingly SEO of your website begin, before you launch it.

Yes it starts from choosing a perfect domain for your website which most people might don’t know.

Perfect domain? what the hell it is? Let me explain

1. Domain age :- Old and expired domains having prebuilt domain authority and page authority have tendency to rank in Google search results faster than new domains. Why? This is due to the historical credibility of older domains. Also with older domains you have the possibility of inheriting backlinks.

old domain purchase

If you can find an old or expired domain that works with your target market and branding, it would be a good investment to pick it up. With a little bit of elbow grease (fresh content) I have seen results up to 3x faster than starting with a new domain name.

2. Your main keyword (niche name, for example “football”) in your domain and it’s position in your domain name :- Just think for a second if someone searching about football on Google and your domain name contains that keyword in it. Then isn’t it give your domain a edge over other domains. of course it will give your domain a edge over others. Secondly according to brian dean, if your domain name starts with “keyword”, then it give your domain a edge over domain either don’t have  that keyword or in having keyword in between or in the end of the domain name.

3. Exact match domain (EMD’s) :- If you are choosing a EMD for your business than make sure you provide quality else you will be punished by Google. According to EMD update of Google

4. Country TLD ( top level domain) extension :- If you chooses a country TLD like .in for india .pk for pakistan than it will help your domain to rank in that particular country but it will block your worldwide growth. So choose your extension carefully. Secondly .com TLD is accepted worldwide so you can use it too.

Well, when it comes to SEO of a domain these are the top 4 things you should keep in mind while purchasing a domain name. Rest there are 25 things you should keep in mind while purchasing a domain you can read about all of them here

On page seo 

In more than 30% of the cases( lower competitive keywords) i analyse that On page SEO is damn enough to rank for body tail keywords (2-4 word keyword) and long tail keywords ( more than 4 word keyword). Shocking!!

Well it’s true, it’s damn true!!

So let’s come to the most important On page seo factors.

1. Keyword research :-  I’m not exaggerating when i say that there is nothing like SEO without keyword research. Keyword research 😕 what is keyword research?

Well, it’s nothing but finding the actual search queries that people enter in the search engines.

2. Keyword in title tag :- Your main keyword on which you are optimizing your page should come at the very beginning of your title tag (H1 tag) because search engine give more weightage to the words appearing in the beginning of your page and the same apply for your title tag. Adding LSI in your title tag will give you an extra edge over your competitors.

3. Meta description and Tags :- You should use your meta description and tags very effectively, and you must close your meta description in 160 letters as it is the last visible limit for meta description on Google SERP page. Don’t forget to add your main keyword as well as LSI keywords in your description to get an edge over your competitors. 

4. Your URL structure :- According to the observation did by search engine journal, Google loves short and simple URL’s. So make your url wisely which specially consist of your main keyword and no extra unnecessary shit. Got it!  😀

5. Content optimization within your website :- Actually Content optimization is necessary to make your web page search engine friendly and it mainly consist adding LSI keywords into content and subheadings, creating internal linking web in between your pages, adding images with proper alt text and title, creating insanely in depth great content. 

And when it comes to On page SEO these 5 factors are the most important factors you should follow to make your page search engine friendly.

Off page SEO 

Now it’s time to switch to the number one Google ranking signal yes i’m talking about the real game changer which help you out in ranking for the super competitive keywords in any niche. Yes i’m talking about Off page SEO. So let’s dive into the most important Off page seo techniques you should follow.

1. Super active social media presence :- If you know that your product and services are better than your competitors than no body can stop you from earning in this age of social media. Start making your social media presence on every big social media platform like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest. Be there and be proactive on all these platform will make your products popular among the masses.

2. Build relation with online influencers :- Try to build healthy relation with all competitors as later or sooner it will help you in creating a win-win situation which is going to be best for both the businesses. Bottom line building relation with other influencers will help you in creating more Guest blogging opportunities, and believe this fact or not but Guest blogging is the most versatile and most powerful way of building high quality backlinks.

3. Infographics creation :- Make creative and helpful infographics of your content. It will also help you in building backlinks as your infographics will indexed in Google as images, and it will always visible there to everyone who is searching images around your niche. And when ever someone use your infographic on his website he will link back to your website.

4. Link building :- Don’t just run blindly to build backlinks as you read somewhere that backlinks are the most important ranking factor of Google. Do it rightly only then it will pay you back. And the easiest and the most effective link building techniques are broken link building and blog commenting. By far these 2 techniques are the most effective and fruitful link building strategies of all time.

Well these 4 are the main off page SEO strategies which can do wonders for any business. Follow these 4 things properly and don’t worry soon you will rock the Google SERP.

Now let’s finally move on to the bottom line that what actually SEO can do in today’s world and that’s too with real facts and figures.

power of SEO industry

Basically it helps your potential customer to find you on SERP. How big is this online world.

1. 89% of consumers uses search engine to make there decision of buying something. And if they won’t find you then you are already lost almost 89% of your potential customers. (according to research did by, 2012)

2. 61% of global internet users research products online ( interconnected world: shopping and personal finance, 2012)

3. 44% online shoppers begin by using a search engine (interconnected world: shopping and personal finance, 2012)

4. On average, we conduct 12 billion searches per month on the web in the united states and 150 billion searches worldwide ( comscore, july 2014)

5. Businesses with website of 401-1000 pages get 6x more leads than those who having website of pages 50-100 (hubspot lead generation lessons from 4000 businesses, 2011)

6. 86% of cunsumers stated that using search engine allowed them to learn something new (pew research center, search engine use 2012)

7. If your post is greater than 2000 words than on an average it receives 68% more tweets and 22% more facebook likes (source quicksprout)

8. 60% of all organic clicks go to the organic top 3 search results (business2community, 2016)

9. 50% of all mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results, and 61% of those searches result in a purchase ( Search engine watch, 2017)

10. SEO leads have 14.6%close rate while outbound leads such as direct or referral mail or print advertising have 1.7% closer rate (Search engine journal 2017)


SEO is an long term investment in your business. There is no such thing like online business without SEO. SEO should be the crucial part of your online marketing strategy. It has huge impact on the buyers decision making cycle of buying anything. By the time it can multiply your small startup into a big brand name as in today’s world the number of internet users is more than 300 crores just imagine if you able to reach 1% of them. In long run it can help you in saving money on paid advertisement. It makes you unquestionable because you appear in organic search results and everyone knows that Google do not do discrimination.